Eastside Squash Centre
69 Cambridge Road
Phone (03) 6244 1386


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Eastside Squash Centre is located in Bellerive, Hobart. There are 8 courts, 2 of which are glass backed with large viewing areas. The centre is well maintained, heated and air conditioned for comfortable squash all year round, and there is plenty of off street car parking available.

The Centre is a Not-for-Profit organisation and 100% volunteer operated. There is a wide range of regular Squash programs on offer catering for players of all ages and skill levels. Private casual court bookings are also available by prior appointment.

The centre is set up for 24/7 member access with key card entry and automatic lighting. Contact us for membership enquiries.



Tasmanian Junior Open, February 26th to 27th.   

Tasmanian Doubles, February 27th.   

Tasmanian Masters Championships, July 1st to 3rd.   

Eastside Triple - PSA, Seniors, Juniors, September 16th to 18th.   

City of Clarence - PSA, Seniors, November 11th to 13th.   



Tasmanian Doubles, February 28th.   

Tasmanian Junior Open, April 24th to 25th.   

Tasmanian Masters Championships, July 2nd to 4th.   

City of Clarence, November 19th to 21st.   



Tasmanian Doubles, March 1st.   

Tasmanian Junior Open, March 14th to 15th.   

Eastside Club Championships, March - May.   

Tasmanian Masters Championships, September 19th to 20th.   (Results here.)

City of Clarence, November 13th to 15th.   (Results here.)



Tasmanian Doubles, February 17th.   (Results here.)

Tasmanian Junior Open, March 2nd to 3rd.   (Results here.)

Eastside Club Championships, March - May.   (Progress Results here.)

Southern Racquetball Championships, June 2nd.

Tasmanian Masters Championships, July 5th to 7th.

City of Clarence, November 22nd to 24th.



Tasmanian Junior Open, March 3rd to 4th.   (Results here.)

Eastside Club Racquetball Championships, March - May.   (Results here.)

Tasmanian Masters Championships, July 6th to 8th.   (Results here.)

City of Clarence, November 23rd to 25th.   (Enter online here.)


Tasmanian Junior Open, March 4th to 5th.   (Results here.)

Tasmanian Masters Championships, July 7th to 9th.   (Results here.)

Eastside Club Championships, September - November.   (Draws here.)

City of Clarence, November 24th to 26th.   (Results here.)

Daily Planner:

   Eastside COVID Safety Plan

   Eastside Squash club was successful for a grant of $3,000 through the Covid-19 Sport and Recreation Grants Program.
We wish thank and acknowledge the State Government for their support which has allowed the club to purchase
products and equipment that supports a safer environment for all visitors and users of our squash facilities.

Key Holder Member Benefits

The Eastside Squash Centre is transforming the way that Squash is played in Tasmania, making Squash more accessible, cheaper and community based. Booking and entry has been automated with swipe-card access now available to key holder program members.

Access Cards are available for $25 deposit. If you have one of these, you can play whenever you like.
As well as being able to play an unlimited amount of squash you can join in the programs below for no extra cost.

You can invite your friends to play whenever you like. All you need to do is email Eastside@SquashPro.com.au and let the centre know they have played and $14 will be deducted from your card for their game or simply direct deposit into the centre's bank account.

Walk-In-Squash is included as part of your Key Holder Membership. When you play, you will be allocated a handicap by one of the existing players. You will play three games to 31 points using point-a-rally scoring. As an example, if the difference between your handicap and your opponent's handicap is 7 the starting score will be -4, +3. Based on your results, your handicap will be adjusted for the next time you play. Walk-In-Squash is held at the following times:

   - Monday 5:30pm
   - Thursday 5:30pm

Come along and give it a go! Entry is by the door in the corner of the car park.

If you are over 35 years of age, you can put your name down to Masters Squash Pennant. Start as a reserve and take up a full-time position when one becomes available. There are three matches per court per night. The format is timed point-a-rally scoring with two halves. The first half is 20 minutes long and the second 15 minutes. This is a good work-out. There is a maximum of 36 players and each pennant usually last 11 weeks. All standards are welcome.

Masters Pennant is held on Monday night and starts at 7:30pm, finishes at 9:45pm with supper after in the clubroom.

Wednesday In-House Pennant is open to all age groups and all standards. Hand-In, Hand-Out scoring is used and there are three or four matches on each court. Start off as a reserve and take a full time spot when one becomes available. Each pennant usually lasts 6 weeks. This group has regular social functions.

For the more advanced and more competitive players there is an inter-club pennant competition. Three centres currently participate; Kingborough, Parsons and Eastside. There are two divisions and you will be placed in accordance with your ability.

There are no additional fees to play Inter-Club pennant. Home matches are covered and a full refund is given for payments at away clubs.

We have a few older members who play squash and Gentle Squash. Gentle Squash is played with a foam ball and shorter rackets. It is gentle exercise and very chatty. The Gentle Squash fee is covered by Key Holder membership.

If you are a Key Holder Member and you are a team member in the Monday Night Masters Pennant, Wednesday In-House Pennant or the Inter-Club Pennant you are automatically registered with Squash Tasmania and in the case of Monday Masters, you are also registered with the Tasmanian Masters Squash Association. People who are not Key Holder Members need to pay an annual fee.

Regular squash programs at Eastside are:
  • Junior coaching for primary and secondary school students. Contact us for details.
  • Inter-School Pennant - for Grades 6 to 12.
  • Wednesday In-House Pennant - all standards welcome.
  • Monday Masters Pennant - for everyone over 35 years.
  • Inter-Club Pennant - open competition against other clubs.
  • Walk-In Squash - social, just turn up and we will organise opponents.
  • Ladies Squash - for beginner and intermediate.
  • Gentle Squash - modified activity for everyone over 50 years.
  • Tournaments - suitable for all standards.

For enquiries and costs please contact us.

Our pro shop has great range of rackets, shoes and accessories at a good price.